12 Bar Blues – Medium Shuffle

Play along as Peter Vogl guides you through a 12 Bar Blues in E. For this practice session, we’ll play the chord progression with a medium shuffle strum pattern. This is a very common rhythm that you can use in a lot of songs. Focused practice with a metronome is a great way to work on your timing. You’ll see marked improvement the next time you jam with friends. Add this video as part of your daily practice routine until you feel totally comfortable playing along. To learn more, start watching our six lesson Acoustic Blues Rhythm in G course as part of our free 7 day trial.

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Lesson Guide:

Exercise Demo – 0:39

Chord Changes – 1:15

Strum Pattern – 2:34

Exercise 1 – 3:43

Exercise 2 – 6:54

Continue Learning with Our Acoustic Blues Rhythm Courses

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Start a Free 7 Day Trial and watch our new six lesson Acoustic Blues Rhythm in G course for beginning to intermediate players. You’ll learn a variety of chords and strum patterns to be played over a slow 12-bar blues. Peter Vogl will walk you through playing and changing between different barre chords and other moveable chord shapes. You will also learn a series of right and left hand muting techniques that will add a syncopated sound to easy strum patterns. You can play along with and download a jam track that will help you work on timing and get ready to play with other instruments. We also have six different acoustic solos over the same progression and over 500 additional lessons included with your membership.