Beginner Lessons

Below you will find our eighteen lesson course designed for the absolute beginning guitarist by Peter Vogl. You will learn the same information as you would in your first several months of lessons with a private teacher. Using all of the concepts taught in these lessons, you’ll be ready to start playing songs and creating your own music. This course is taught using an acoustic guitar but we also have a beginner course that is more focused on playing electric. In the first six videos, Peter will teach you about holding the guitar and pick, playing notes and melodies, beginner chords, strumming, and more.

Section One

1: Basics & Beginner Chords 2: Strumming & More Chords3: Scales & Alternate Picking4: New Chords & Strumming Tips5: Simple Melodies6: Strum Patterns

Lesson 1: Basics & Beginner Chords by Peter Vogl is a lesson covering the basic concepts of playing guitar. This is the same material that would be covered during your first lesson with a teacher. The video discusses playing position (for the left and right hand), parts of the guitar, using a pick, and playing chords. This lesson is designed for the absolute beginner.

Section Two

As we move on to lessons 7-12, Peter will cover the same material you would play with a teacher after a few months of lessons and practice. You will learn strumming patterns, more advanced picking techniques, new chords and scales, and more. These lessons will give you the tools you need to play a wide variety of popular songs and headed towards playing with others and creating your own material.

7: Most Common Strum Pattern8: Practicing Scales with Tracks9: Bass Notes & a Waltz10: Fingerpicking11: Arpeggios12: Chord Planing

Section Three

Lessons 12-18 will teach you the tips and tricks that separate a real guitarist from a beginner. You’ll learn techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides, with step by step instruction. We’ll also cover new chords, progressions, and strumming patterns. Finally, you’ll learn how to make basic progressions more exciting by adding embellishments and mixing in riffs with the chords.

13: Beginning Techniques14: More Fingerpicking15: Chords with Bass Lines16: Chords with Techniques17: More Chords & Strum Patterns18: Ink Blot Lesson