Beginner Practice Sessions

The following videos are designed as 10 minute practice routines for the beginner guitar player who wants to improve. Regular and focused practice is the best way to improve as a guitarist. Play along with Peter as part of your practice each day and work through the videos until you feel comfortable with them.

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Rhythm Changing Drill Part 1: Learning to play in rhythm and feel the beat can be a tricky task for new guitar players. In this video practice session, Peter Vogl will take you through several drills to work on feeling different subdivisions of the beat. We’ll start by switching between quarter notes and eighth notes. As we progress, we’ll work in triplets and sixteenth notes as well. As you play along with the video, make sure to listen for the metronome and get dialed in to the beat. Repeat this session until you get the hang of it. Once you feel comfortable, you can move on to Part 2.