Country Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play country guitar! These free video lessons cover rhythm, soloing, hybrid picking (chicken pickin’), and more. Each lesson is designed to introduce you to an essential technique or concept that you can use to improve your playing ability. Continue to practice along with each video until you feel comfortable playing the material on your own. This is your chance to learn that signature twangy sound that has influenced country music for years.

Featured Lessons

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Basic Country Lick is a free country guitar lesson by Jody Worrell. You will learn how to play a lick that uses a combination of double stops and single notes that also moves with the chord changes. We’ll first play the lick over an A7 chord. Next, we’ll move the lick so it can be played against a D7 chord. Jody will teach you how to play the lick with step by step instruction and then demonstrate it against the rhythm track.


Learn a 12 bar Country Rock Solo played over a progression D, C, and G.


Jody Worrell will teach you about Vince Gill’s melodic approach and superb technique.


You can create a lick with a cascading sound by using a repeated series of ringing notes.

Additional Lessons