Doublestop Country Bend Lesson

This free lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play a country guitar lick that uses a doublestop bend. That means we’ll be bending a half step on two different strings at the same time.  Jody will cover the mechanics behind this technique before trading the lick back and forth with you over a jam track in A. To learn different variations on this technique and more licks, start a free 7 day trial and watch our full Doublestop Country Bends premium lesson.

Never Worry About What to Practice!

Our full Doublestop Country Bends premium lesson features even more great licks. To take things up a notch, we’ll also learn a lick that bends a whole step on one string while bending a half step on another string. These bends create a unique sound that has been used by country guitarists like Albert Lee, Vince Gill, and Brent Mason. Each premium lesson contains streaming video instruction, downloadable PDFs of the tab, and mp3 jam tracks to help you practice and retain the information. Premium membership also includes access to over 500 exclusive lessons (full list) covering a wide variety of techniques, guitarists, and difficulty levels.