Acoustic Blues Solos in G Course

Following up on our Em Course, this video series will teach you how to play six original acoustic guitar solos over a slow 12 Bar Blues progression in G. In addition to learning the solos, you will learn about the process of writing a solo. A good guitarist pays attention to the chords of the song while pulling notes from scales and chords. Being able to pair those notes with a variety of techniques helps create an interesting solo. We’ll start with a basic solo and continue to build the level of difficulty and music theory ideas as we go.

Adding Notes to Scales Chord Progression

Solo 1Solo 2Solo 3Solo 4Solo 5Solo 6

Solo 1 uses the G Major Pentatonic Scale in the open and second positions so we’ll start by reviewing those scales. Peter will then take you measure by measure through the whole solo and demonstrate it along with the track. The solo features some slides and vibrato before finishing things off with a great turnaround on the bass strings.

Click here to get the tab or play along with the jam track.