Acoustic Blues Rhythm in G Course

This is a five lesson beginner course designed to teach you a variety of chords and strum patterns to be played over a 12-bar blues progression in G. The track we’re using is at a slow tempo so we’ll have to play with feel to create an interesting progression. Peter Vogl will walk you through playing and changing between different barre chords and other moveable chord shapes. You will also learn a series of right and left hand muting techniques that will add a syncopated sound to easy strum patterns. Playing along with the jam tracks will help you work on timing and get ready to play with other instruments. Once you are comfortable with these rhythm ideas, you can learn six different acoustic solos over the same progression.

1: New Chords 2: Strum Pattern 1 3: Playing with a Jam Track 4: New Chord & Pattern 5: Up the Neck

Lesson 1 in this series will teach you the first set of chords we’ll use to play over a slow 12-bar blues in G. We will start by reviewing a G7 barre chord and a moveable chord shape that you’ll use to play C9 and D9. Next, Peter will take you chord by chord through the progression looking at the most efficient and smoothest way to make each chord change. Once you feel comfortable with the chords, move on to Lesson 2 to learn the strum pattern.