Guy Fenocchi

guy-guitarGuy Fenocchi is a professional guitarist and guitar / bass instructor originally from central New York. He holds an Associate’s degree in classical guitar from Onondaga Community College and a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from Ithaca College. As a music educator Guy has 18 years of teaching experience varying from private instruction to classroom situations. He has also been involved with Day Jams summer camp ’06, and co- director for Camp Jam summer camp ‘07. Guy’s publications include co-author for “Set The Stage” Jazz combo series by Randy Hunter. Currently he is teaching at Greater Atlanta Christian School in the Music Enrichment Program.

He has toured throughout the East Coast and Canada with various groups and performers. Artists include The Drifters and Big Bill Morganfield, the son of Muddy Waters. He has also appeared in the Stan Rogers folk fest, North Atlantic Blues Festival, Syracuse, Atlanta, and Montreal Jazz Festivals. Guy currently performs in the Atlanta area as a solo guitarist and with recording Jazz group Metro Quest.