Creating a Guitar Practice Station

Are you having trouble staying focused when it’s time to practice your guitar? Having the right gear and setup may help. Peter Vogl has some quick tips on what you need to create an effective practice station.

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Start with a comfortable chair that is either the right height or is adjustable. You also want to avoid a chair that has armrests. Adding a foot stool can also help you get in a good seated position to play.

Have a music stand nearby. This can hold your notes, music notation, Guitarist’s Tablature Book, or whatever you’re going to practice. It’s also a good place to keep a phone or tablet (for one stop shopping) or separate tuners, metronomes, etc.

If at all possible, try practicing in front or a mirror. It will allow you to see aspects of your form that you would normally miss.

Finally, have a guitar stand close by so you can take breaks. When you start to get frustrated, put the guitar down, take some deep breaths and walk around, then give it another shot.

Setting up a practice station like this will allow you to really zero in on what you’re working on. Regular focused practice is the best way to improve. But it’s also important to have fun. Make sure to go outside every once in a while and enjoy music and nature together.