Two Note Inversion Riffs

Two Note Inversion Riffs is a free guitar lesson by Matthias Young. In this follow up to Matthias’ Power Chords lesson, you will learn how to combine power chords and their inversions to create riffs. First, you will learn a fingering inversion. Matthias will show you a root position power chord and then a simple maneuver that will allow you to play a minor third. You will then learn a riff using this technique at two different speeds and rhythms.

Next, Matthias will cover chord inversions. The second riff uses three different fingerings of an A power chord. The inversion involves switching strings to play the same notes but in a different order and octave. Again, Matthias will show you a more uptempo version of the riff with different syncopation.

There are many different ways to create inversions. Using this device will allow you to be more creative when you’re writing a new riff.