Jazz Blues Solo in F

This free guitar video features an original solo by Guy Fenocchi. The solo is a single note melody line that lasts 48 measures (4 choruses of a 12 bar blues in F). The jazzy nature of this solo comes from making the changes through the blues progression using techniques such as 2-5-1 riffs, turnarounds, and other jazz techniques. This can serve as either an introduction to jazz guitar for blues players or as a different approach for jazz guitarists. We’ve included the tab to help you get started on learning this solo. For this shoot, Guy used a Gibson 1959 ES-335 Dot Reissue Guitar, a ZT Lunchbox Amp, and a Hermida Reverb Pedal. We hope you enjoy the video and Guy’s playing style.

jazz-solo-1 jazz-solo-2 jazz-solo-3 jazz-solo-4