ZZ Top Guitar Lick

ZZ Top Lick is a free lesson by Jody Worrell that will teach you how to play a guitar lick in the style of Billy Gibbons. The lick is in 12/8 time and is played over a backing tracking that moves from G to F. We’ll work out of the minor pentatonic scale while also paying attention to the chord changes. Jody will also touch on pinch harmonics and getting your amp settings right to get the tone you need. Once you feel comfortable with the lick, learn full ZZ Top style solos as part our premium membership plan.

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We have four premium lessons by Jody Worrell in the style of ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. Each solo will highlight Billy’s mix of blues and rock and his tone and touch. You will learn how to play each solo with step by step instruction and then have the chance to practice it along with a backing track. These premium lessons features download jam tracks and PDFs of the tablature. You’ll also gain access to 500 additional premium lessons (full list). Start a free trial today and see if it works for you!