Steely Dan Minor Lick Lesson

Learn how to play a minor guitar lick in the style of Steely Dan. This free lesson by Jody Worrell will give you a taste of the melodic playing style used by guitarists like Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Elliott Randall, and Larry Carlton on Steely Dan records. The lick features a repeating rhythmic motif with descending notes. Watch the video to see the tabs and then jam along with Jody and the backing track to work on your timing. To learn four full Steely Dan style solos, try out a 7 day free trial of our premium membership plan.



By starting our 7 day free trial, you can access four extended lessons on Steely Dan style guitar solos. These original solos by Jody Worrell will focus on a melodic approach to playing lead over major and minor chord progressions. The course features video instruction, downloadable pdfs of the tab, and mp3 jam tracks. Our premium membership plan also includes access to over 500 exclusive lessons (full list) covering a variety of playing levels and genres.