Psychedelic Blues Lick

Psychedelic Blues Lick is a free guitar lesson covering the playing style of Jimi Hendrix and Procol Harum’s Robin Trower. This original guitar lick by Jody Worrell is played up the neck and uses some big bends. To help dial in this sound, Jody is using a lot of distortion and adding a flanger pedal. To take this idea a step further, start a free 7 day trial and access our full length Hendrix/Trower Solos.

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Learn How to Play Psychedelic Guitar Solos

As part of our premium lesson plan, you can access our Hendrix/Trower Style Psychedelic Solo lessons. This course features over 40 minutes of video instruction, printable PDFs of the tabs, and downloadable MP3 jam tracks. Start a free 7 day trial today and you’ll also be able to watch 10 more lessons on playing like Jimi Hendrix.