Epic Skynyrd Style Solo

This free guitar lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you a solo in the style of an epic Lynyrd Skynyrd jam. This is a preview of our six video series that will teach you how to play a set of progressively harder solos. Jody will teach you how to play the solo in short easy to learn sections. We’ll then practice each phrase and the whole solo along with the jam track. If you feel comfortable playing this first solo, start a free 7 day trial and then try a slight step up in difficulty with Lesson 2.

Get the Whole Course!

Take a test drive of our premium membership plan with a free 7 day trial and watch all of our Lynyrd Skynyrd Style Lessons.  The lessons include streaming video instruction along with downloadable PDFs of the tab and mp3 jam tracks. Premium membership also includes access to over 500 exclusive lessons (full list) covering different techniques, guitarists, and difficulty levels.