Easy Jazz-Rock Lick Guitar Lesson

This free lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play a rock guitar lick that has a jazzy and melodic sound to it. The track follows two different sets of three chord groups. Over the Bm7, E7, Amaj7 part of the progression, the lick will pull from the A Major and Am Blues Scales.  As the backing track moves to the Am7, D7, Gmaj7 chords, we’ll switch to the G Major and Gm Blues Scales. Jody will walk you through playing the licks and discuss some different phrasing and technique ideas. You can learn two full Easy Jazz Rock Solos as part of our premium membership plan. Start a free 7 day trial today and explore over 500 exclusive lessons.

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Learn How to Play Full Solos!

Watch our Easy Jazz-Rock Solo lessons and dive even further into this concept. Jody will teach you two original 12 bar solos that follow the changes. In the first lesson, Jody will cover the theory choices used to make the solo and teach you how to play some of the faster flourishes. The second solo will move up and down the neck, incorporate more bends, and cover an interesting technique using descending slides. These lessons feature printable PDFs of the tab and downloadable MP3 jam tracks.  You’ll also gain access to 500 additional premium lessons (full list). Start a free trial today and learn how to take the next step with your soloing!