Double Stop Rock Lick

Double Stops are used all throughout rock music to add a little more heft than a single note line can deliver. In this free lesson by Jody Worrell, you will learn a classic electric guitar lick using some time tested techniques. Jody will take you step by step through playing the lick and will then demonstrate it along with a backing track. Our premium membership plan includes a Beginner Electric Solos course along with access to over 500 additional lessons (full list) for just $9.95/month.

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Get Even More Lessons

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Our Premium Membership Plan includes streaming access to the Beginning Electric Solos course by Jody Worrell. This course features six video lessons along with pdfs of the tabs and audio jam tracks. Jody will teach you how to create and play a series of cool rock guitar solos and licks. You will learn the techniques and theory choices that will enable you to create original lead guitar parts.  The included lessons are Rock Licks in A Part 1 & 2, Building a Rock Solo 1 & 2, and Rock Solo in Am 1 & 2.