Changing a Lick Around

In this free lesson by Jody Worrell you will learn a few ideas on how you can vary the phrasing and note selection on guitar licks you already know. Taking an idea and expounding on it is a great way to keep your audience interested.  The basic lick we’re going to start with (0:23) comes from the Cm Pentatonic Scale. Our second lick (3:39) takes the notes from lick 1 but plays them with a different timing. The third lick Jody covers will use the timing from lick 1 but use different notes. Finally, we’ll play these licks along with the jam track (6:02) so you can hear the differences in context. This is great concept for you to start using with licks and solos you’re playing on covers or original songs.  To take this idea a step further, watch our extended Same Notes, Different Rhythm and Same Rhythm, Different Notes lessons as part of a free 7 day trial of our premium membership.

As a guitarist continues to write solos, they begin to look for new ways to engage the listener. Trying out different note selections and phrasing will help your lead playing avoid feeling repetitive. In our Same Rhythm, Different Notes lesson by Jody Worrell, we’ll look at the time honored technique of soloing where the rhythmic figure is repeated, but the notes are changed.  We’re not simply transposing the lick around the neck, but instead creating a new melody over the same rhythm pattern. Jody will start by teaching you the first lick that we’ll then plug four different sets of notes into.  You’ll also gain access to 500 additional premium lessons (full list). Start a free trial today and see if it works for you!