Beck Bends

Beck Bends is a free electric guitar lesson by Jody Worrell where you will learn a bending technique that’s inspired by Jeff Beck. These are fretted notes that are immediately replaced by a bend on the same string a half or whole step lower. It also helps to bend these notes upward when using your ring finger and towards the floor when bending with your index finger. It takes a lot of strength to pull these bends off, so make sure you practice them. To learn more concepts like this, sign up for our free trial and access four Jeff Beck Style Solo lessons.

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Learn More Jeff Beck Style Soloing Ideas

Take a 7 day free trial of our premium membership plan and access four extended lessons on Jeff Beck style licks and solos. Jody will take you step by step through each lesson focusing on Beck’s style of phrasing, note selection, and more. Each premium lesson contains the streaming video instruction along with downloadable PDFs of the tab and an mp3 jam track. Your membership also provides access to hundreds of exclusive lessons (full list) that will teach you how to be a great guitarist.


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