Intro to Cross Stringing Scales

In this free country guitar lesson by Peter Vogl we’ll explore cross stringing scales. A cross stringing scale differs from a normal scale in that we play the same notes, but on different strings. We’ll learn a few different scales and then play them over Track 3 (Cool County in G) of the Let’s Jam! Country & Bluegrass.

Here is a G major scale as we would normally play it.

Now here is a G major cross stringing scale.

I am playing the same notes but on different strings. I am also using open strings. The object is to let the notes ring together a bit. I find it easier to start playing the scale backwards. Here is the G cross stringing scale forwards.

Now that you have the basic idea let’s learn a couple others. Here is a C Major cross string scale. First backwards.

Now the C Major cross stringing scale forwards

How about a D Major cross string scale backwards

And now forwards