Blues Rhythm Riff

Blues Rhythm Riff by Jody Worrell is a free video lesson that will get you started on playing blues rhythm guitar. We’ll learn a basic rhythm lick that uses sliding double stops. Jody will then show you how to move the lick into different positions to follow a standard 12 Bar Blues progression in A. The tabs for the whole progession can be found below. Get access to even more rhythm lessons when you join our premium membership plan.

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Our Premium Membership plan includes access to our R&B Rhythm Licks lesson along with over 500 additional lessons. You will have streaming access to each video lesson along with downloadable jam tracks and printable tabs for just $9.95/month.

R&B Rhythm Licks covers chordal riffs that involve some precision strumming on tight string groups. Each or these licks will be played over “Eleven Twenty-five” which is track 13 from the Let’s Jam! Blues & Rock Vol. 3.  This lesson is available exclusively to members of our premium membership