Am Blues Lick Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play a blues guitar lick by Jody Worrell with a little jazz influence to it. We’ll work through a couple of positions and bends while playing the lick over a loop of Am. To learn more licks like this, start a free 7 day trial and watch our Am Blues Licks premium lessons.

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Am Blues Licks 1 & 2 will teach you a set of faster and more advanced blues guitar licks in Am. The licks use a wide variety of techniques and have a little jazzy influence as well. Jody will teach you how to play each lick in detail along with tips on phrasing and adaptation ideas.  The licks, as taught, are just a jumping off point. Mix and match them along with some variations to create your own solo to play against the rhythm track. These premium lessons include a downloadable jam track and printable pdfs of the tabs.