Beginning Guitar Lesson 1: Basics & Beginner Chords

This is an excerpt from the first lesson in our Beginner Guitar Lessons Book 1. This is a step by step course that was designed just for beginner guitarists by Peter Vogl. You will learn how to play acoustic or electric guitar using the same concepts and techniques that you would during the first several months of working with a guitar instructor. This structured practice will ensure that you avoid bad habits and learn the essential concepts.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Book 1 with Online Video Access by Peter Vogl is a step by step instructional course for the absolute beginning guitarist. You will learn about holding the guitar and pick, playing notes and melodies, beginner chords, strumming, scales, and more. These lessons are designed for someone who has never played guitar before and will teach them all of the necessary fundamentals for becoming a guitarist. This package contains over three hours worth of online HD video instruction that will help you learn how to play in rhythm and with correct technique. This course has been developed and tested over many years and has taught thousands of guitarists. The content and pace of this book is acceptable for an acoustic or electric guitar and for use by adults, teenagers, and older kids. All music is written in standard notation and in tablature. Get it now for $9.99 on Amazon