Beginner Guitar Chord Progression

D Cadd9 G Chord Progression is a free video lesson by Peter Vogl that will teach you how to play a very popular guitar chord progression that works for acoustic or electric guitar. Peter will start by teaching you the D, Cadd9, and G chords and then cover a strum pattern to go with it. The lesson will also cover how to change between chords quickly and smoothly.  Below you will find the video, chord diagrams, and a detailed explanation. To learn even more, get access to our 18 lesson beginner guitar course with a free 7 day trial of our premium membership plan.

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Here are the chord charts for this lesson

D Chord Diagram Cadd9 Chord Diagram G Chord Diagram

Let’s look at how to change chords easily. Notice when changing from D to Cadd9, the 3rd finger can remain where it is. This is a pivot finger. Leave the third finger in the same position when changing between these two chords. Between Cadd9 and G, the 3rd finger may remain still again. Use this pivot finger when changing chords. When going back to D, again the 3rd finger is the pivot finger. During this whole chord progression, the 3rd finger never has to move. This will help smooth out the chord progression and cut down on mistakes.

Let’s learn a strum pattern for this chord progression. Try “Down Down Up Down Down”. First let’s try this on the D chord.

Now let’s try changing chords. The whole chord progression will be D Cadd9 G D, then start over again with the D chord.

Practice this chord progression until you can play it easily. The hardest part is playing it without breaking rhythm. Make sure to practice along with the video.

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