Basic Strumming & Chord Changes Guitar Lesson

Basic Strumming & Chord Changes is a free look at the first lesson in a four part premium series dedicated to the beginner or intermediate player that wants to develop their strumming and chord changing abilities. Peter will provide step by step instruction on how to play some easy chords and basic but very useful strum patterns. We’ll start by covering the Em and B7 chords and how to switch between them. We’ll then practice along with the track using one down strum per measure. From there, we’ll add two, then three, and four strums per measure. As you add strums, you’ll have less time to change chords. A goal of this video is to show you a great practice technique for getting faster at changing chords. Keep practicing with the video until you are able to change chords and stay in time with the backing track. Start a free 7 day trial and access the next three lessons in this series along with over 500 more (full list) exclusive lessons.

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Lesson Guide:

GarageBand Loop (.zip file)   | PDF of the Tabs

Jam Track (mp3)

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Take a test drive of our premium membership plan with a free 7 day trial and watch three additional Basic Strumming & Chord Changes lessons. Each lesson was designed to get progressively harder and expose you to a variety of strum patterns. This is a common sticking point with new guitarists. Once you work through this course, we have more advanced lessons that will begin teaching you how to create your own strum patterns. Premium membership also includes access to over 500 exclusive lessons (full list) covering different techniques, guitarists, and difficulty levels.