Alternate Picking Practice Session

This beginner guitar practice session by Peter Vogl will walk you through some basic principles of alternate picking. Play through these easy exercises as you watch the video. With time, you’ll become better and better at this extremely important technique. As your speed improves, you’ll find it easier to play faster songs and more difficult licks. As part of our premium membership plan, you can gain access to fifteen more practice sessions designed specifically for beginners.

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Lesson Guide:

0:55 — Exercise 1

3:57 — Quick Tips

4:42 — Exercise 2

8:08 — Exercise 3

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For just $9.95/month you can access our eighteen lesson video course designed for the absolute beginning guitarist by Peter Vogl. You will learn the same information as you would in your first several months of lessons with a private teacher. Using all of the concepts taught in these lessons, you’ll be ready to start playing songs and creating your own music. This course will work for an acoustic or electric guitar.