Basic Fingerstyle Comping Lesson

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Comping Fingerstyle 1 will teach you a valuable rhythm technique that can be used on an acoustic guitar. In this practice session by Peter Vogl, you will learn how to use the thumb, index, middle, and ring finger of your right hand to play the strings in a rhythmic pattern (comping). We’ll practice this basic technique with open strings first and then move on to switching between a G Major and Cadd9 chord.  We’ll close this session out by learning a second technique where we play a bass note with the thumb before plucking with the rest of the fingers. Play along with this video as part of your daily practice routine until you feel comfortable comping with other chord progressions.  You can start our free 7 day trial and access Session 2, where we’ll add a slapping technique for an even more percussive sound. We’ll also add a few more chords and pick up the tempo to create a really interesting progression.

Lesson Guide:

0:17 – Technique Demo

0:41 – Basic Technique with Open Strings

2:39 – Quick Tips

3:33 – Basic Technique with G and Cadd9

6:45 – Thumb First Technique

Quick Tips:

– Keep the thumb in front of the index finger (towards the neck).

– Your other fingers are coming all the way into the palm after playing the string.

– Keep your finger tips relaxed.

– Your right hand and arm should stay close to the guitar through the playing motion and rests.

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