Finger String Awareness

This guitar practice session by Peter Vogl will show you some drills to help your fingers find where they are going better. Working through these exercises will benefit your overall playing ability. You’ll gain finger control, accuracy, and finger independence. While you’re playing along with the video, make sure you only fret the notes as hard as you need to produce a good sound. Learn more exercises and techniques for improving by signing up for our premium membership plan.

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Lesson Guide:

Exercise 1 – 0:24

Quick Tips – 3;18

Exercise 2 – 4:20

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For just $9.95/month you can access our eighteen lesson video course designed for the absolute beginning guitarist by Peter Vogl. You will learn the same information as you would in your first several months of lessons with a private teacher. Using all of the concepts taught in these lessons, you’ll be ready to start playing songs and creating your own music. This course will work for an acoustic or electric guitar.