Acoustic Blues Solo in E Lesson

This video is a free preview of our six part premium Acoustic Blues Solos in E course by Peter Vogl. This first lesson covers a basic blues solo in the first position over a standard 12-bar blues in E. Peter will start by reviewing the scales used to write the solo. Next, you’ll move measure by measure through the solo to learn proper technique and understand the relevant music theory. Finally, we’ll practice the whole solo at a slower tempo with a metronome and then faster with a jam track.  The premium versions of these lessons include a printable PDF and downloadable jam tracks. Start a free 7 day trial and access the next solos in this series along with over 500 more (full list) exclusive lessons.

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Acoustic Blues Solos in E by Peter Vogl will teach you how to play six original acoustic guitar solos over an upbeat 12-bar blues in E. The first solo starts off in the first position and uses some basic slides and hammer-ons. From there we’ll pick up the difficulty and tempo while moving all over the neck. In each video, Peter will provide note by note instruction on how and why we are playing each part of the solo. Learning and working through these solos will help you to incorporate more interesting ideas in your own compositions.