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Lesson 01: Basics & Beginner Chords

Lesson 1: Basics & Beginner Chords by Peter Vogl is a lesson covering the basic concepts of playing guitar. This is the same material that would be covered during your first lesson with a teacher. The video discusses playing position (for the left and right hand), parts of the guitar, using a pick, and playing […]
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Jimi Hendrix Style Lick

Jimi Hendrix Style Lick is a free video lesson by Jody Worrell where you will learn a Hendrix inspired guitar lick to play a ballad in Em. Jimi had a knack for brining a mixture of tone and energy to his solos even when playing on a slower song. Jody will take you note by note through this lick making sure you learn how to play it properly. By letting notes ring and adding some tricky bends, we can help recreate some of that legendary tone. After learning the lick, you’ll have the opportunity to practice it along with the backing track to work on your timing.  Learn full solos and more Hendrix style techniques as part of our premium membership plan.

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